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Jintong machinery provides -- the introduction and summary of the gold car that people have to see

Release date:2020-05-13

1、 Overview
This equipment is a new patent product developed by our company according to the placer gold extraction. It belongs to the mobile placer gold machine. It is powered by a diesel engine, and its two outputs provide power for the screening equipment and water pump system, and it is an integrated placer gold equipment

1、 Structure
It is composed of a bin, a grid screen, a scrubbing bucket, a roller screen feed port, a roller screen, a driving sprocket, a screen cylinder, a rear support frame, a chute and other parts. It is characterized by wheel underframe, which can be towed by tractor,

3、 Features
For: easy to move, large capacity, reliable performance, integrated design, simple and practical.

4、 Gold selection method
The equipment can be processed independently according to the requirements of customers, or equipped with agitation chute, fixed chute, centrifugal gold concentrator and other equipment to collect sand gold according to the type of raw ore and sand gold particles.

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