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Introduction of manual gold rush process and its advantages and disadvantages

Release date:2020-05-13

Manual Gold Rush:
Principle: according to the specific gravity of sand and gold, people shake and wash the sand containing gold scraps in the water to make it rotate in circles. The sand flows gently with the water, and the gold stays at the bottom again, which is often called gold panning. After washing a lot of sand, you can get very few gold particles.

Process: 1. Choose a river with high gold content.
2. Screen the river sediment.
3. Screen impurities in the water with a pottery gold basin.
4. Repeat the previous steps, our gold has appeared.
5. Repeatedly filter and select the gold to a corner, and complete the gold panning.

Advantages of manual Gold Rush:
Save most of the machinery costs.
Disadvantages of manual Gold Rush:
1. It takes time and manpower.
2. Low efficiency.
3. Low yield.
Ways to improve efficiency and save labor:
Use the gold digger, the gold boat and other gold diggers. In the long run, it will cost more than manual gold panning, but in the long run, the income will be greater. Do you have a heart attack? Then take a look at the gold car and other equipment.

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