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The latest mowing boat, a way to solve your troubles!

Release date:2020-05-13

Are you still worried about the rubbish all over the river? Can, plastic bottle, packing bag. Are you still worried about the growing water? Water hyacinth, water lotus, reed
One way to solve all the above problems for you
The mower is used to collect water hyacinths and floating remains in rivers and lakes. It is a multifunctional mower.
The mowing boat is suitable for working in small rivers and scenic spots. All the collection actions of water grass and green duckweed can be easily completed through the buttons on the console in the cab. All adopt automatic hydraulic drive, simple and convenient. Mowing has a wide range of collection. It can not only clean the floating garbage, but also collect the green duckweed, cut and collect the water grass. Its small and beautiful appearance is not only the unique and beautiful point of the river scenic area.

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