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Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment

Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment

Classification:Vibrating Chute


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Product Introduction

Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Introduction to the agitation chute:

Agitation chute is a new type of gold ore processing equipment based on the common fixed flow chute.It combines the advantages of fixed chute and jig, overcomes the disadvantage of easy hardening of fixed chute and the shortage of high yield of jig, thus obtains the feature of small yield and not easy hardening.It is mainly used in the selection of sand gold mine, which has a good effect on capillary gold and thin skin gold, and has simple structure, reliable operation, few faults, low energy consumption and low water consumption.It can also be used in other reprocessing.

Characteristics of the agitating chute:
Basically, the original characteristics of the fixed flow groove are retained, but the original iron bottom plate is changed into rubber bottom plate, and a simple eccentric agitator is added to make the rubber bottom plate move up and down reciprocating, and the diaphragm between each slide is similar to that of a jig.Thus the hardening of sliding lattice is solved and the recovery of gold is improved.Because the agitator chute discharges concentrate intermittently, the enrichment ratio is dozens to hundreds of times higher than that of a jig.
Structure of the agitating chute:
The chute is composed of feeding trough, sliding grid part, rubber bottom plate, agitator, eccentric agitator system, transmission mechanism, frame and other parts.

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