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Panning boat and drum sieve and chute gold sorting equipment

Panning boat and drum sieve and chute gold sorting equipment

Classification:Gold Bucket Dredger


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Product Introduction

Panning boat and drum sieve and chute gold sorting equipment
About the gold digger
Gold panning ship, also known as gold mining ship, is a combination of mining operations, ore processing operations as one of the water plant, is a kind of placer gold mining equipment, it includes the mining system, ore processing, water supply system, waste ore and tailings dumping system, deck machinery, hull, power support, power and other basic systems.
Classification of gold panning boats:
From the processing process, gold mining ships are divided into fixed chute, tape chute, agitating chute, self-discharging fixed chute, water jacket centrifuge, circular jig, etc.
From the mining capacity, the gold mining ships are divided into 15 liters, 25 liters, 40 liters, 50 liters, 100 liters, 150 liters, 200 liters, 250 liters, 300 liters and other models.
Panning ship parameters:
1, floating body two-body structure monomer 55 meters long, 2.1 meters wide, 1.25 meters high:, the bottom plate, the side plate adopts 6 mm steel plate, the panel adopts 4 mm anti-sliding plate, the floating body internal every 60 mm adopts channel steel, Angle steel double skeleton welding, anti-rust paint treatment.Gold mining ship
2. There are 145 dipper equipped with a square dipper with a volume of 0.06 cubic meters. The bottom plate of the dipper is made of 10 mm steel plate, the coaming plate is made of 6 mm steel plate, and the dipper lip is made of 15 mm manganese steel
3, the chain is made of ordinary steel, wear parts of 45 steel high-frequency heat treatment (note: wear parts can be replaced), the chain is 760 mm long, 90 mm wide, 40 mm high.
4. The main reducer is equipped with 1 type 1000, 3 type 250 and 2 type 350.
5. Power supply: 1 55 kw electric motor, 1 22 kw winch, 2 5.5 kw water pumps.
6. The main frame is 6 meters high and made of 16# channel steel.
7. Sand is screened by oblique screen, 1 meter wide and 1.5 meters long. 22# manganese steel *10# rail steel is used for welding.
8. The dredging arm is 50 meters long and made of 9# Angle steel. The bucket shaft is made of 45# steel with a diameter  of 60 mm.
9, a gantry frame, using 16# channel steel welding.The steel wire rope of the take-off and landing dredging arm adopts the diameter 22# steel wire rope.
10, the dredging arm is made of water four-angle wheel, underwater five-angle wheel is made of 25mm steel plate, underwater five-angle wheel shaft is made of 150mm 45# steel, underwater five-angle wheel seal is made of double layer seal, four-angle wheel is made of 15mm steel plate, four-angle wheel shaft is made of 180mm 45# steel.
11. The pin is made of high frequency heat treatment of steel 45# with a diameter of 28 mm.
12. Two strips of chute, 6 meters in length and 1 meter in diameter, are adopted. The chute is made of mitsubishi gold blanket of Japan.
13, sand tail use chute, stone tail chute.

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