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Aquatic Seaweed Water Hyacinth Weed Harvester

Aquatic Seaweed Water Hyacinth Weed Harvester

Classification:Aquatic Weed Harvester


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Product Introduction

Aquatic Seaweed Water Hyacinth Weed Harvester A brief introduction to the grass harvesting boat
Mowing boat, as the name implies, is a kind of modern water plant, water hyacinth harvesting, transportation equipment suitable for small and medium-sized lakes, river courses, artificial lakes and other urban landscape.
Mowing boat is a modern water plant and water hyacinth harvesting equipment that integrates mowing, gathering, fishing, water filtration, transportation and unloading.All operation procedures are controlled by full hydraulic pressure, which is simple, convenient and flexible. It is an indispensable cleaning equipment in urban water surface scenic area. It can also be used as a garbage cleaning ship and a cleaning ship on the lake.
Weed harvesting and classification
Simple lawn mowers: simply cut the floating weeds off the surface of the water, without the ability to transport them.
Small mowing boat: small multi-function collecting boat is suitable for operation in small river and scenic area. All the collecting actions of water grass and green duckweed can be easily completed through the buttons on the control board in the driving room.Fully automatic hydraulic drive, simple and convenient.The small multi-function collection boat has a wide collection range, which can not only clean up floating garbage, but also collect green duckweed and cut water grass. With its small and beautiful appearance, it can be regarded as a unique and beautiful spot in the river scenic area.
Semi-automatic lawn mower: the boat itself can carry water grass, large load, convenient transportation, simple operation.The use of both sides of the paddle wheel propulsion, rotation speed is fast.
Automatic cutting grass boat: automatic water harvesting can ship efficient collection of lake, river, lake waters of aquatic plants and water floater, all mechanical linkage adopts full hydraulic pressure drive, wheel, cutting machine, cutter and conveyor chain can work continuously, only one operator fully automatic cutting grass boat loading capacity.

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