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Dredging equipment

Dredging equipment

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Product Introduction

Dredging equipment At present, the country's sand, stone yard, construction site.Mixing station sand and stone sieving or traditional manual operation, there are many drawbacks: small output, high cost, impact on work efficiency and engineering progress, by its in the current era of "crazy" increase in labor wages, labor costs to builders, the construction of housing people to bring great economic pressure.
In the past two years, through the research and development of professional technical mechanical personnel, our company has developed a fully automatic sand-screening machine for complete automatic operation of sand and stone separation, thus greatly reducing the consumption of manpower, material resources and capital, increasing output and reducing the cost as well as people's concerns and perplexity about capital pressure.
Ii. Features and application scope of large sand screening machine
(1) ping an mechanical sand screen machine with flexible operation, quality can be relied on first, durable, compact structure.Simple, less land, low cost, high efficiency, easy to move, easy to maintain and so on, and according to many years of production experience and user feedback information, constantly improve the sand screen machine, make the machine work more efficient, better stability.A telescopic feeding device is added to the bin so that all kinds of sand can be normally screened with large, medium and small sizes, as well as small sand sieving machines for construction sites.Widely used in mixing plants, road and bridge projects, construction sites, sand mining and sand and stone yard.It is the ideal equipment for you to save manpower and money, improve project quality, speed up project progress and increase economic benefits.
(2) details:
1, the principle of rolling conveyor, small friction coefficient, light wear.The screen is not easily blocked.
2, the barrel support system with the overall through shaft structure, smooth fiber transport, no vibration, low noise.
3, the internal drum screen mesh accessories using separate design, simple structure, replacement and maintenance fast and convenient.
4, the internal drum body adopts effective sealing structure, no dust, no pollution.
5, safe and reliable operation, using decelerating transmission, high transmission efficiency.With small power, low energy consumption, energy saving effect is obvious.
6. Screen size can be adopted according to customer requirements, with high screening efficiency, long service life and low maintenance cost.

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